23 Home Energy Saving tips

how it works?

23 ways to Conserve Energy

  1. Get your Air Conditioner reviewed consistently to verify your system is worked properly and operating efficiently..
  2. Check your Filter of Air conditioner weekly and clean or replace it if it’s dirty . A dirty air filter will slow the flow of air cause your system to use more energy.
  3. Always use room fan to cool shut off them before leaving.
  4. Try to always open your windows and let cooler air flow into your home. And cover your windows too with any type of shades.
  5. Install air sweep at the door of your garage to fill the gap between the door and threshold .this keep your room cool by stop the flow or warm air into your room.
  6. Just place your Air conditioner under the shade or in cool area .warm atmosphere keeps your air conditioner work harder.
  7. Use awnings placed outdoor protect your home from hot sun raise.
  8. Paint your house with light color to reflect heat.
  9. Avoid utilizing the Microwave in hot days. Rather, cook on the stove, utilize a microwave broiler, or grill outside.Avoid utilizing the Oven on hot days. Rather, cook.
  10. Turn Washroom and kitchen ventilation fans off around 10 minutes after their Work is done to keep them from pushing cooled let some circulation into of your home.
  11. Turn off light while using switching off light method . in addition to switch off lights when you’re not utilizing rooms, consider a summer tradition of candlelit meal . during the day, depend on common light alone.
  12. Make sure that outside a part of your air conditioner and cooling system can easily ventilate by clearing any other thing from the outside area.
  13. Verify your air conditioner and cooling system’s outside air vent is shut so you’re not spending additional cash cooling outside air.
  14. Enjoy an afternoon at he pool or at the park or any local library type place , visit to your relatives if possible.
  15. Hang your wet clothes or any laundry out side the window and take advantage of cool air.
  16. After using heater turn off it and close the damper to prevent cold air from coming in.
  17. try to always set your thermostat at 68°F or below which is health permitting. three to five percent more energy will consume when it is set above to the 68°F.
  18. When you leaving the set your thermostat at 56°F .by turning your thermostat back in 8 hours at 10-15 degrees. you can save 5-15 percent of energy yearly at heating bill.
  19. Close shades , curtains and blind during night.
  20. Make use of Caulk it is inexpensive and easily brought at most hardware shops to prevent cold air from entering into your home.
  21. Cover your older water heater by jackets and clothes to minimize excess heat loss.
    Properly insulated the floor , roof , attics , walls over crawl spaces. saving up to 10% of total energy
  22. Appoint a contractor which check your central heating system daily or every few days and check all the roof leaks. prevent leaks can improve your central heating working.
  23. Fill these gaps by insulation foam easy way to seal the hole between the base of your home and the limit. This keeps chilly air from coming in and warm air from getting away from your home.


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